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One + One By One के द्वारा Minimal CompactOne + One By One 1981

चित्रांकन Minimal Compact, Berry Sakharof, Rami Fortis, Malka Spigel

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Plonter के द्वारा Rami FortisPlonter के द्वारा Rami Fortis 1978

10 tracks including Honey, This Generation, She Broke Everything, Teach Me Tonight, The Death Does'nt Unemploy, Get Out From The T.V Screen, Sun We...

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In Concert के द्वारा Shalom ChanochIn Concert के द्वारा Shalom Chanoch 1978

8 tracks including Cama Tov She Bata A Baita - Good To See You Home, Panass A Rechov - Street Light, Layla - Night, Tafasti Rosh Al A Bar - Hitting It...

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A Man Within Himself के द्वारा Shalom ChanochA Man Within Himself के द्वारा Shalom Chanoch 1977

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Peace के द्वारा ZingalePeace के द्वारा Zingale 1977

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Jericho Jones के द्वारा The ChurchillsJericho Jones के द्वारा The Churchills 1972

Limited Collectors Edition

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Meddle के द्वारा Pink FloydMeddle के द्वारा Pink Floyd 1971

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Plastiline के द्वारा Arik EinsteinPlastiline 1970

चित्रांकन Arik Einstein, Shalom Chanoch,10 tracks including Mother, Papers, Maya, What, Don't Give Up, Farmer's Wife, Friday's Night Old Fashion, Cool It, Avishag, Plasteline

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