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सीडी, 12 Tracks, Released on 1975

Crowded in the Ear (Tzafoof Baozen) के द्वारा KaveretCrowded in the Ear (Tzafoof Baozen) के द्वारा Kaveret

ट्रैक लिस्टिंग

  1. Disc 1

  2. Goliath
  3. Sailor Song
  4. Little Kingdom
  5. Frog Tango
  6. Inspector Z. Greatest
  7. Childhood
  8. Samba
  9. The Fastest Man Alivet
  10. Idiot's Lament
  11. Tell It To Your Grandmother
  12. She's So Pretty
  13. Lu Lu


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ग्राहक समीक्षा

Poogie/Kaveret integrated the traditional elements of Israeli music with world music (Samba, Tango, to name just two), a great sense of humor, great performance..The subject matter they take on are...amazing in their originality and diversity...The influences from The Beatles to fusion jazz to Israeli and other world music are clear. What this amazing ensemble does with it makes it most interesting. I recommend this to anyone who wants a really really fun time. If Hebrew is not your first language, you might miss some idioms. Find out from a friend just how great and funny and poignant these lyrics are! Dana Friedman