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इस्राइल संगीत

इस्राइली और यहूदी संगीत, फिल्में और मल्टीमीडिया

Miss Music (सीडी, 2005)

के द्वारा Sarit Hadad

Miss Music

(सीडी, 2005) के द्वारा Sarit Hadad
Miss Music के द्वारा Sarit HadadMiss Music के द्वारा Sarit Hadad


जिन लोगों ने यह वस्तु खरीदी उन्होंने यह भी खरीदा:

ग्राहक समीक्षा

  • के द्वारा or अप्रैल 14, 2006

    Very good CD

  • के द्वारा walaa अप्रैल 23, 2006

    Sarit i love you so much and I like to see you in reality. i love your songs and i feel so relaxed when i hear them.

  • के द्वारा Elinor मई 17, 2006

    Achla disk! Toda Sarit!

  • के द्वारा Pawel Yosef Holy मई 31, 2006

    Ilove you Sarit Hadad. Many people in Poland love to listen your music. You are the best, you can teach love by your songs. AHLA MUSIC. Shalom from Poland.

  • के द्वारा Daniela जून 9, 2006

    I love Sarit Hadad for her wonderful voice. This CD is also great!! I always hear, every day, only her songs.. i feel then so happy. Thank you so much!!

  • के द्वारा Anna जून 14, 2006

    I love her voice. Thank you very much for this CD. It´s so great and wonderful!

  • के द्वारा Lubomila अगस्त 1, 2006

    M wish is to have all your albums and love your music

  • के द्वारा Rose अगस्त 2, 2006

    She is the best!

  • के द्वारा talor अगस्त 31, 2006

    Mamash sababa chaval al hazman! toda!

  • के द्वारा kalman tzvi अक्तूबर 19, 2006

    Srit is an idol among all singers with much appreciation we are all awaiting many more songs from this talented gifted singer until the arrival of moshiach

  • के द्वारा Fuerte मई 29, 2008

    This CD is very good. Sarit is one Israeli artist with an unquestionable ability to successfully transend into the Western mainstream. Her encorporation of Western contemporary, Mediteranian and Oriental rhythms is "Great".

  • के द्वारा David DaSilva मई 30, 2008

    Excellent Album. Beautiful voice, just makes me want to dance!